Can I vote

Are you Eligible to vote?

The Municipal Elections in Groningen are on November 21st 2018. If you are a resident of the city Groningen and your country of origin is a member of the European Union(EU), you are elegible to vote. If you are from outside of the EU you are elegible to vote if you have been residing in the Netherlands for over five years. Check out to find out more on how to vote!

... to realize more affordable housing

Due to a shortage in affordable housing, students often pay extensive amounts of rent, are faced with misbehaving landlords, or can not find suitable housing at all. In order to prevent this in the near future, the municipality must build more student housing.

... to make Groningen sustainable

We want the city to be energy-neutral in 2035. We would do this by generating more green energy, moving away from the gas, making (public) transport in the city more sustainable, literally making roofs green and expanding the number of trees in the city year after year.

... to organize more events

Groningen is a young and vibrant city with a wide range of events, culture and sports. We need to free events of too much bureaucracy in order to remain a vibrant city for citizens and tourist. Rules and regulations can be more flexible without causing unnecessary inconvenience.

... to give cyclists priority

Cycling is a sustainable way of traveling, healthy for people, reliable and fast within the city. We want to stimulate citizens to travel by bike. Therefore cyclists need more priority; we want to create more friendly cycle-paths with more green lights.


A lot of young people in Groningen can not find a suitable job. Students struggle to find a suitable side-job and even young professionals can not stay in Groningen because there are no big, interesting employers here.